Where can I meet a girl

This post is not intended to give you yet another instruction. It will help you start thinking more flexibly and learn how to generate new ideas for dating girls in different places.

About where you can get acquainted with the girl, it is said quite a few. But let’s be honest with each other. You do not have enough places themselves to meet in Moscow, or in another other city. The main thing that bothers you is ignorance of HOW to get acquainted with the girls in these places.

In this article you will not only find a listing of all the possible places, but you will also be able to see how exactly you can get to know each of them.

And when you see these examples, you can come up with your own ways. Finally, when you learn how to get to know each other, you will realize that girls can really be met anywhere.

Methods of dating girls on the street

Imagine the situation: a girl is walking with her friend. It can be fun. And maybe they are both sad.

You can use an interesting way when you come up and start asking who should be the main thing in a relationship – a man or a woman. And who is usually the main one in reality. And then you ask why they think so, you develop a conversation and continue a meeting with both girls at once.

Such a topic for conversation will definitely arouse strong interest in them. True, there is a small danger: if pickupers have already approached them with such questions, then they will immediately understand everything. In addition, it is important to try to say it all very naturally, so that they do not understand that you are specifically getting to know each other.

With single girls, as a rule, it is more difficult and at the same time easier. More difficult, because they are more closed to conversation, because Feel in greater danger than if they were with friends. And it’s easier, because her friend will not bother you.

Therefore, it is important to first build trust. And for this you need to talk with her for some time. On the other hand, if a girl didn’t like you at once, then she won’t stand by your side for 30 seconds.

In this case, you need to catch her attention with an unusual and deep topic. Start building conclusions about her. Look at her appearance, behavior, gestures, gait, or look. And tell her everything you think about her. :)

Even if your conclusions turn out to be wrong, she will still appreciate your approach, since only a man with brains is able to draw at least some conclusions. So, your chances of her seduction will increase. As a result: you will have more chances to get her out on a date than if you took the number in a couple of minutes.

How to meet a girl in a cafe

Here, we use the classic trick and give the girl a rose. True, unlike simple “gifts”, where you give something to a girl and immediately try to pick something up (her phone number, for example), here we will act more cunningly.

Instead of starting an acquaintance right after presenting a rose, go back to your table.

She will not expect such a turn of events.

Being used to the fact that all the guys from the very beginning show a desire to quickly “slip” her, you will intrigue her. She will sit and doubt whether you like her and whether you will get to know her.

You will create the image of some mysterious stranger who showed sympathy for her, and at the same time, made you think about yourself, and not about her unfinished coffee.

To accomplish this, 2 conditions must be met:

You really like the girl.
You somehow made sure that she would not leave soon.
Because before you come next time, a few minutes will pass.

Another option is also possible: she will not be there alone, but with a friend. For example, if they look at photographs, then you can come up and say: “Hello! You probably have known each other for a long time? ” After a few seconds, when they move away from the shock state, continue: “You now look like two friends. One of you went on vacation, had a good time. And the second secretly met with her friend’s boyfriend. Both are aware of this, but prefer to think about how cool it would be to go somewhere. And it is very clearly visible in your behavior. “

Even if you turn out to be wrong, you will probably do the most important thing that can be done – cause a strong emotional response.

Meet at a nightclub and at a party with friends

These are good places to meet a girl. True, to achieve the desired result, you must follow three rules.

Rule number 1. Have some fun!

Nightclubs and any places where people have fun are thought up so that you have fun. And I didn’t think about which girl you would approach, when you would approach, and so on.

And even more so, they were not invented so that you would ask beauties whether they work or study. :)

If you did this before, then you should not continue in the same vein. If not – you probably already managed to get acquainted with the girls, you just need to work a little more on your skills.

Moreover, I’m talking about real fun. Even if outwardly you will try to look like a positive guy, and you yourself will “take a steam bath”, why others can communicate with the girls, and you don’t, it will be felt.

Therefore, it is really important what is called “letting go” of the result and just starting to communicate with the girls.

Rule number 2. Don’t always be by her side.

And don’t try to get a phone number right away.

When you immediately take the phone, you show one of two things:

His uncertainty (that you will not have time to get to know her).
Again my insecurity (that you will not seduce her tonight).
In addition, you can not always be near her. When you try to be only with her and make her your main character of tonight (evening), then the smell of poverty and the absence of at least one of the girls in your life begins to fly in the air.

Rule number 3. Chat with other girls.

Firstly, it will create a sense of competition. Secondly, no one gives you a guarantee that if you communicate with only one girl, then you will succeed with her.

But communication with several girls at the same time allows you to increase your chances. After all, if it does not work out with one, it will work out on the other!

Park is a great place to meet a girl
There are 2 options here.

First: you meet in the morning or afternoon. In this case, the girl may be there alone. Then you can use any approaches, including very creative ones (“So who collected all the mushrooms from this park! And I still won’t understand where all the mushrooms went”).

The second option: she walks there in the evening. And in most cases, not one, but with friends. Then you should take a friend with you who will deal with her friend while you do your dirty business.

Where else can I meet a girl? In fact, you can try any place. Ideal will be those where you feel extremely comfortable, but only slightly go beyond their boundaries. If going beyond the framework is strong, then the result will be better, but you will not get it soon, because at first you will hear a lot of failures. If you get acquainted only in complete comfort, then there will be no development.

And sometimes it’s useful to completely change your “strategy.” If until now you met only in clubs, but now set yourself the goal of meeting on the street. And vice versa. By placing yourself in difficult conditions, you will learn how to get to know each other, despite the stress. So, even difficult places to meet will not scare you.

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