Instructions for guys on their first date: how to behave with a girl and where to go

It is very important for yourself to decide where to go on a first date with a girl. There should be a clear understanding of where to hold it. Choose a place where YOU like it first of all. You should know the very locations and places where you will have a great time with her. It is YOU that should be cool in the first place, and your condition will be transferred to the girl. Because everything that you feel, she feels. And she will not be able to refuse Having a clear idea of ​​where to go on a first date, and what you will do there, you will have self-confidence. Even when you call her and call, for example, to jump from a bungee, she will feel your passion and emotionality in what you say. Because you like it. Your impulse to go on a date with you will be transmitted to the girl. Both of you will have zeal and a pleasant anticipation before the meeting.

Good places to meet. Deserted beach. I like to spend a date with a girl on the deserted beach of the Volga. There are almost no people and there is a small beach. I will take with myself something to lie on. We hug and lie there with the girl, look at the waves, at the birds, at the motor ships. We look at each other, do massage, communicate. In warm weather, you can sunbathe together. Amusement park. Another of my favorite dates is the summer park. It fills me with childhood memories. There are great attractions there, after which both of you will have a high emotional lift. I do not say roller coaster ride. Attractions will give emotions and drive, help you get close, create a story between you. I walked in this park in childhood, I always liked it and therefore it is all the more special for me. If I like in this park, the girl will like it a priori.

Cart ride in the supermarket A great place to go on a date is to ride carts in the supermarket. When I’m with a girl, I plant her. We can choose products, or we can just enjoy the ride. The hypermarket route is always spontaneous and funny. It gives you children’s pleasant sensations of fun. In one supermarket they already know me well. I received a couple of easy warnings, but that doesn’t stop me 🙂 Together I went to choose products I had a date with a girl who lives not far from my house. On the first date, we went with her to the supermarket to buy cookies. This is also a good reason to meet. When changing locations and moving with a girl, you create a certain relationship history, create a special connection. Therefore, it is very important not to sit and stick in one place.

Mistakes It would be foolish to go to a cafe, sit opposite each other and eat something. Nobody hugs anyone, just talking and eating. Sit always near. Do your favorite sport together. There were girls who called me to parachute. They know that I am adventurous and love to challenge fear. You can invite the girl to do your favorite sport. For example, jog together in the evening. Some people like rope jumping, ice skating, swimming or just sitting in a cafe and drinking tea together. To each his own. The place where you like and where you are comfortable is the best place for a date.

Touch her from the very beginning.

Touch the girl more from the very beginning of your meeting. This is what you need to do on your first date from the very beginning. If you will hug with her initially, then she gets used to it and it will be normal for her. She will think: “Yes, with this guy it’s normal to cuddle and touch. There is nothing like that. ” Behave naturally, be yourself. This is the same man’s behavior that you need.

How to behave on a first date with a girl:

As soon as you see her, hug her, kiss her on the cheek. Hold her hand. From the very beginning of the meeting, I hold her hand and lead her. You can always just go hugging. So, you both touch each other. I usually hold her by the waist. I myself put the girl’s hand on my waist, because she herself will not take the initiative. When you make stops, hold her close and hug her. Standing hugs create a good attraction. When you are about to sit on benches, put it on yourself. Only on condition that it is not heavy! 🙂 If she does not want to sit down, then, of course, do not insist. You can sit hugging. You can touch her hand when you are sitting, play with her palm. Massage your arms or back. I often do back massage for girls. I say a professional massage therapist. If she says that I am not doing well, then I ask you to massage me.

If you made a mistake – did not touch and did not hug the girl from the very beginning, then later it will be somehow strange and awkward for both of you. There will be resistance on her part! Therefore, simplify your rapprochement with the girl – touch and hug her from the very beginning. Touch her because you want to, not that she likes it. If you do everything, as I described in the article, then there will be no more questions about how to behave on a first date with a girl.

Forget about the ideal date. Know that a straight and perfect first date with a girl will never be. There will always be some elements of chance. That will always happen that is beyond control. You cannot calculate everything in advance. Therefore, do not bother about ideality.

Drop expectations: everything will happen by itself. Let everything happen. A perfect date is one that comes naturally. No need to guess, expect. Spontaneity is your best friend. Not knowing what to say is normal. Never try to have a perfect date. Let it turn out the way it turns out. You fail when you want to try your luck. If you do not set such a goal, any negative reactions do not concern you. When a date is too perfect and even, it’s very boring and uninteresting.

Do not buy flowers. I have never in my life bought flowers for a first date with a girl! Having bought flowers for a girl, you will prove yourself as her sponsor. That is, she will already consider you as a guy who buys her something. DO NOT choose this path. If you give flowers on a first date, you yourself spoil everything, because: it will be more difficult to touch it; she will act arrogant towards you; she will not be open to you; you yourself will put it on a pedestal, above yourself. Understand that on the first date you can just spend time with her and that’s enough. No gifts or flowers needed.

Video with my approach In the next video, I made an approach to a girl who initially spoke to someone on the phone. I interrupted her communication and led me along. I did not wait until she hangs up. The way a guy touches a girl, confidently or dominantly touches her is not particularly important. In my video, I advise you to pay attention to other subtle points. By the way, many guys would have waited for the girl to finish the call. But it’s not interesting. See all the details of my acquaintance in this video.

If she says buy me this, buy me then

You say: “No, don’t wait. I like you! I’m not going to pay for you. I like you, I want you, I can give you a lot of fun! But this does not mean that I am your sponsor! I am honest with you. ” And that’s all, she immediately understands: “Oh, that’s such a man. Everything is clear now. ” She will not demand gifts or anything else. You let her know who you are. And that’s all. This is a great start to any relationship where everything is built on sincerity. The beginning of a relationship without lies, where a woman does not try to suck out loot from a man, and a man does not try to buy a woman. I am not ready for my behavior to support the attraction of a 22-year-old beauty to me! What for?

The right approach to dating

Advanced guys never say that they go on a “date with a girl.” The word “date” greatly limits your perception of meeting her: as if there will be something official like dinner by candlelight, rose petals, fireworks and other heresies. All this will bind you and interfere. Why limit yourself? Tell yourself: I’m not going on a date, but “see a girl,” “spend time with a girl,” “enjoy talking with a girl.” You go to meet and “find out whether you are suitable for each other or not.” It is this type of thinking that will allow you to be yourself and be free. You will not feel the great responsibility and importance of the meeting.

You are already self-sufficient and there is no reason for the opposite. Men have problems understanding that who they are now is already enough. There is no reason to have uncertainty. You are – that’s enough. All this knowledge will give you an understanding of how to spend your first date with a girl best and get a result. Call the girl and apply everything new that you learned from the article, in practice. You can also get other secrets of seducing women and getting to know them by signing up for an individual training with me.

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