How to care for a girl

Despite the fact that the girls seem to be natures flying in the clouds, they are sensitive, sensual and very susceptible to all your actions.

Courtship is not only flowers and gifts for the holidays. This is a whole ritual in which your originality plays an important role. And his main goal is to attract attention and stir up the girl’s interest.

Little tokens
Any girl will pay attention if you open the door in front of her and put your hand up when leaving the car.

Girls love to show their independence and independence, but they always expect that as a real man, you will take the initiative. When you ask whether to help her bring a heavy bag, and the girl refuses, then in 9 out of 10 cases she expects you to take the bag from her hands, delicately, but very persistently.

Help the girl to put on a jacket, for you it does not cost anything, and the girl will appreciate.

There are a lot of such signs of attention, and each of them is another small brick, from which the image of an attentive and caring man will subsequently be built, and it is impossible not to fall in love with this image.

Compliments are some of the easiest tokens. But there are important nuances that must be observed.

There are three components to a successful compliment that a girl will definitely notice and remember. We ranked them by importance.

When a compliment comes from the heart, it is felt by intonation and gaze. Find what the girl really impresses you with, it can be some kind of accessory, makeup, hairstyle, her manners or knowledge. The main thing is that this goes from the inside, you only need to voice your thoughts out loud.
Learn to notice what the girl was working on. She, of course, will be pleased to hear that you like her hair color, but this is not her merit. The best option is praise for what she has made efforts, for example, admiration for her hairstyle. This compliment will tell her that she tried not in vain, she stood in front of the mirror and curled her hair for an hour, because you paid attention to it, and you liked the styling.
Girls regularly hear compliments from men and, as a rule, their originality leaves much to be desired: “You are beautiful”, “You have beautiful eyes”, blah blah blah. You can say such compliments, but only from the heart. And be more creative.

Give flowers
You have no idea how rarely girls receive flowers.

It is best to find out which girl likes flowers and try to make it unobtrusively. For example, you can just talk about flowers, and she herself will tell you what she likes.

Forget about huge bouquets of dozens of giant roses. It is not original, loud and not durable. The girl will put them in a bucket, and in a few days the flowers will begin to fade. Your memory will disappear very quickly.

If we talk about roses, it is best to choose small roses or spray roses. A bouquet of five, seven pieces will be small, but lush. And due to the fact that they are often grown in Russia, they are more recent and will last longer than huge roses from Europe. And the memory of you will be in her bedroom for several weeks.

By the way, small roses dry beautifully and will delight the girl as a herbarium for a very long time.

Another option that most girls will appreciate is a bouquet of wildflowers. In our time devoid of imagination, it is difficult to find him, but he will surely tear the girl off the roof.

Gifts must be original
A gift is, first of all, a sign of attention, and in it, most importantly, to show that you are not like everyone else. Baubles are pleasant, but quickly forgotten. The ideal gift is what the girl will use at least from time to time, then each time she will remember about you.

After a few visits, you can already determine the interests of the girl and without any problems choose something original. Original – this does not mean a gift from the store of “original gifts”, it means that she definitely does not expect to receive, but at the same time it will be something useful for her.

Remember, the value of a gift is how much it needs and is pleasant, and not in the amount you spend.

If you have absolutely no ideas for a gift – give a Cartier necklace, no girl for $ 20,000 will impress.

Places for dating
Courtship is not only gifts, but also leisure. When choosing places for meetings, it is important to remember that with mutual sympathy for a girl, your company is important first of all, and the meeting place is secondary.

As a rule, girls are invited to cafes, cinema and restaurants.

You can stand out and start your date with a visit to the theater, an exhibition or a walk in the park. I assure you, 99% of girls find this pastime incredibly interesting. And after such an unusual leisure, you can go to a cafe or restaurant.

Give the girl a break
The less woman we love
The easier she likes us …
“Eugene Onegin”

When you are not together, communication does not stop, and many try to make up for separation by active communication over the Internet. Do not do this. There are already a hundred guys who want to glue it. Do you really want your messages to be on the same heap with them?

Give the girl time to take a break from you, and get a little bored.

Be careful and sincere in relation to your lady. Surprise, bring variety to her life. Do everything from the heart, avoiding cliches, and then success will certainly become your ally.

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