How to behave on a first date

Many of the tips that we talk about in this article apply not only to the first meeting, but to all dates in general. But on their first date, they will be especially welcome. Taking them on a note, your first date will be held with a bang and will lead to a second no less pleasant meeting.

Take the initiative
Women prefer men who can be relied on, that is, pack leaders who can make decisions clearly and without delay.

A man can listen to the girl’s wishes, but, as a rule, they can be quite vague and he will have to make a choice on his own.

There is no need to unnecessarily inquire where she would like to go, women can react to this, say, not quite positively. Believe me, if a woman wants to go to a specific place, she will certainly say so or hint very clearly.

Be confident
In women, the sixth sense and observation are very well developed. We can say that often they really see men through and through. There is nothing wrong with this, it is their mechanism for choosing the best male.

One of the most important qualities that women value in men is self-confidence. If a man is not self-confident, a woman will definitely feel it. In this case, she will either be disappointed in him, or if she likes him very much, she will play along and go to the meeting.

Self-confidence is a very important personality trait that affects a person’s entire life. Read our self-confidence tips.

Become a source of positive emotions
Positive emotions are the basis of communication with girls. Women are very emotional creatures, and your task is to create the maximum number of diverse positive emotions.

Be original and go the opposite. Most of the girls are invited to a cafe, and you invite her to go to the theater or to an exhibition. For more effect, study the subject of the exposition, interesting facts and stories related to this topic. Any girl will appreciate your erudition.

An awkward silence
There is sometimes a pause in conversation, which is also called awkward silence. As a rule, this happens when the interlocutors cannot continue the conversation. Often, young people try to fill a pause and start a new conversation, asking questions without stopping, which begins to resemble an interrogation, which annoys absolutely all the girls.

In fact, “awkward silence” does not exist. There is silence and separately awkwardness.

Awkwardness is up to you. When a pause appears in the conversation, the girl will look at you to understand what happens if she sees your excitement and attempts to come up with a stupid question to continue the dialogue – this is bad.

And if she sees that you are silent and enjoy what is happening, whether it is a walk or hot coffee, she will understand that there are no problems and reasons for excitement. This will be another proof that you are in control of the situation. And if before that she felt a little awkward, she would get rid of her.

Take an interest in her inner world
You should not ask primitive questions about what kind of music she prefers, what films she watches and the like. After asking a few general questions, you will understand what she does and what really interests her.

And already starting from this knowledge, ask questions and develop a topic. You will increasingly discover its inner world.

Such behavior will cause strong sympathy, because it is very rare who is interested in what her thoughts are really busy with.

Do not rush things
Calm, only calm. This is the best advice for a first date.

Nowadays, when everything happens very quickly, everyone is trying to get the girl to bed 20 minutes after the first cup of coffee. Briefly, if you last without a couple of days, she herself will drag you into bed.

Just enjoy chatting with a beautiful girl.

One of the reasons that people are still at risk of getting a shock from their first date is the opportunity to enjoy the first kiss when saying goodbye at the door.
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No need to rush with a kiss. He does not have to be on the first date, especially if the girl is not ready for him, you will find yourself in a stupid situation.

Remember, when a girl wants to kiss a man, in her behavior it is quite easy to see. This happens unconsciously, and you need to be able to notice it.

This can manifest itself in different ways, but there are common signs characteristic of most girls. For example, almost all girls gradually reduce the distance. If, when parting, you are standing very close to each other, this means that the girl allowed you into her personal zone, the comfort zone.

Of course, in addition to the distance, you should pay attention to other factors: her emotional state, direction of her gaze, breathing, and so on.

The main thing is not to rush, and you will feel all this. Yes, and once again to darken the girl is not superfluous.

Good luck to you!

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