10 myths about which women like men

Do you think that men are simple and want only one thing? Believe it or not, they are not as simple as they seem. We immediately recognize that all men are different and, accordingly, everyone has different tastes. But the labels on all hang the same.

There are a number of myths that can be applied to almost every man. But is that so? Let’s look at the 10 most popular myths that stuck to the male gender and interfere not only with them, but also with the women whom these myths scare away.

  1. Men like thin women
    Men like different women, most men will prefer a slightly more well-fed woman than a thin woman with protruding ribs.

This is also confirmed by scientists who say that for a man the weight of a woman is not so much important as a healthy and toned look. And this is logical, because from the point of view of evolution, a healthy individual is more interesting than a sick one.

One can add here that, oddly enough, men pay more attention to skin elasticity, posture and well-groomed hair and nails.

Tip: Replace calorie counts with jogging and moderate exercise.

2. Men need big breasts
Most women believe that for a man, there are either breasts of size 5 or breasts not.

This is again a strong fallacy. Here you need to understand what is at stake. If you look at a woman, then men really like more sizes. But speaking of a close woman, they are not so brave. Firstly, many men love a small chest that fits in the palm of their hand. Secondly, the situation resembles the situation with the figure – the shape and elasticity of the chest is more important.

Tip: go in for sports, an experienced trainer will help you adjust your figure so that your breasts stand out more effectively. For a firm skin, take a contrast shower.

3. Men like young women
Here, under the young refers to the age of 26 years. And the threshold age is 30 years, after which a woman is considered an old woman.

This myth, unlike many others, was created not only by mass culture, but also by our common past. Indeed, in the Soviet Union, by the age of 30, any woman was so plagued by her studies, social work, work and queues for scarce goods that she really lost all health. And the word health is used here for a reason.

A modern woman who takes care of her body and spirit, and by the age of thirty looks beautiful, is relieved of youthful complexes and is in a pleasant process of realizing herself in life. As a result, such a woman is much more interesting than a young, but not experienced, emotional and not always attractive young student.

Tip: take care of your beloved, this will make it better for you, your self-esteem and, accordingly, men will notice you.

4. Men like experienced in bed
It is logical to think that a woman with rich sexual experience is much more interesting for a man than not experienced. And no other way!

However, psychology is involved. Many men, when meeting with an emancipated and experienced woman, after a short time begin to think: where did she learn so much, and how many men did she have, and so on. And if he is not a nonsense, then such thoughts can greatly harm them and their relationships.

Men are used to being in charge. They want to be almost a teacher for their woman, because it so amuses pride.

Tip: try not to show a man all your skills at once. And ideally play along with him, let him think that it is he who inspires you to fantasies and correct movements.

5. Men like stupid
The problem with this myth is that it works. That is, a woman behaves like a silly woman, and then relations with a man begin. And here two options for the development of the situation are possible:

At some point, a silly woman bothers a man and he is just looking for a more developed partner for a serious relationship.
The man gets used to the fact that the woman is stupid, but now she takes off the mask and shows that she is not at all like that. The first reaction of a man is rejection and the demand to return silly one back.
Of course there is a third option, where you are smarter and the man happily accepted you like that. But the chances are small and you can’t bet on it.

Tip: be yourself!

6. Men like weak women
According to statistics, more and more men prefer strong character and motivated women. However, unfortunately, the flip side of such statistics is that this is a consequence of the fact that men themselves become weak.

Strong men (whom all women love and respect) love two types of women:

weak and feminine. They can be surrounded by a wall of care.
strong, but able to be feminine. After all, with them you can remain a man, but at the same time be with a partner worthy of his level.
Tip: be yourself and remember that no matter how you want to be strong and independent, you are primarily a woman.

7. Men like glamorous girls.
This myth is circulated by the media, which every day drives the idea of ​​women that for seducing men they definitely need a small set consisting of lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, new eyelashes, hair spray, several creams for eyes, face, legs and body, nail polish, and more. Funny list, right?

If this set is important to a man, you should consider how much you need a man who evaluates you as a picture from a magazine.

Most normal men love that a woman gently emphasizes her best features and also neatly hides certain flaws, while remaining natural.

Tip: more naturalness in behavior, less trust in advertising.

8. Men like bitch
This is a myth invented by women to justify their behavior.

In fact, bitch is a defensive reaction of women in the world of peasant asshole. It’s easier to already become strong, independent, cold, and even more so not to fall in love, than once again run into a gandon.

At first, such a woman may seem like an interesting friend and partner in sex. But if after that she remains the same, she risks losing a man who does not need a cold bitch in the long run. He needs a full-fledged partner, a person with feelings and responsibility. But not a cold bitch.

Tip: keep your emotions under control, but do not lock them in a dungeon, so as not to turn into an evil harpy that does not give life to yourself and your beloved.

9. Men do not want family relationships
Let’s call men over 25 years old, walk up and have a head and brains in this very head. Then we will immediately come to the conclusion that more than 80% of them are looking for the only life partner to create a family.

Tip: Only one piece of advice can be given – choose worthy men.

10. Men do not like women who argue with them
Men like to be smarter than women, they believe that it should be so. But they will never refuse to support a good argument or discussion with a pretty girl, especially if she will provide adequate arguments and arguments.

Tip: the greatest pleasure for a man is a victory, but only if the battle was interesting! Argue with him on his favorite topic, and then admit that all the way he is completely right.

Do not succumb to myths, it is better to have a free and critical outlook on the world!

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