7 bad tips on how to make a first impression

We recalled the imperishable humorous works of Gregory Oster and wrote down seven harmful tips for you on how to make a bad first impression.

The first impression is misleading, many say. And they are wrong! Scientific experiments have proved that people are able to accurately evaluate the interlocutor during the first thirty seconds of acquaintance. At the interview, business meeting or during a romantic rendezvous, your partner will form his opinion about you in the first minute, perhaps without even realizing it. And changing this opinion will not be easy. “Composing my impression of a man in the first ten seconds, I very rarely change him,” said Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher once.

Following these tips, you can not worry about re-meeting – your new friend will probably try to avoid it.

1.They are greeted by clothes, but they are escorted by the mind! Wherever you are going, do not waste extra time on the wardrobe. Feel free to wear old jeans with a stain on your knee, yesterday’s shirt and in no case do not clean your shoes.

2. The more perfume, the brighter the impression of the meeting. Do not be greedy and pour at least a fifth of the perfume bottle onto yourself.

3. When meeting you should not smile and look into the eyes of the interlocutor: he can decide that you are an ill-bred and frivolous person. Look at the floor, while playing hard with cheekbones. This is how you demonstrate your serious attitude.

4. Do not remember the name of your new friend. Imagine how pleasant it will be for him to hear in his address not a trivial appeal by name, but an affectionate “darling” or a serious “dear”.

5. So that the interlocutor knows how exciting this meeting is for you, fuss about as much as possible, nervously gesticulate, shift from one foot to another or fidget on a chair.

6.Tell us more about yourself and do not bother to listen to the interlocutor. The main thing is that in the first minutes of his acquaintance he should learn as much as possible about you. Tell, for example, about what a painful shot your toy terrier went through yesterday. Or how many cans of last year’s jam have recently gone bad in your grandmother’s basement.

7.And finally: if the interlocutor did not have the best first impression about you, do not even try to fix it. Psychologists say that for this you will need to demonstrate as many as eight positive aspects of your personality. And this is an impossible task! So it’s better not to take it.

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