Who does a woman want

Psychologists at the University of Texas at Austin \ University of Texas at Austin came up with a new hypothesis explaining what factors a woman chooses to take into account a man.

It is generally accepted that a woman chooses a man based on one main criterion – what kind of relationship is she interested in. So, the fair sex, interested in long-term relationships, choose as partners men who are able to take care of them and their children. Women who crave short-term novels, emphasize the attractiveness and physical strength of men.

The new hypothesis says that these principles of choice remain valid, however, women adjust their needs based on their own attractiveness. So, for example, beautiful women are not satisfied with “average” in quality men who are quite acceptable for ugly women.

The authors of the study identified four main qualities that women value in potential partners. Firstly, a “good” set of genes – that is, a man must be a healthy, outwardly attractive and intelligent person; secondly, the level of material well-being of a man; thirdly, his desire to have children and his parental qualities; fourthly, his devotion and loyalty to this woman. Most women expect their chosen one to get the highest scores in all of these categories. However, some women whose self-esteem is lower (that is, they consider themselves less attractive) agree to sacrifice principles, admit that it is difficult to find the ideal man and choose a partner that does not fully meet the stated criteria.

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