About friendship between a man and a woman

Even the platonic friendship between a man and a woman is still based on sexual desire, psychologists say.

The psychology of the relationship between men and their female friends is very peculiar. Without realizing it, men are sexually attracted to them. And it does not depend on whether their girlfriends are single or in a relationship with other young people. However, according to psychologists, this feeling is not reciprocal. Women do not share this feeling.

Women perceive their relationship with male friends exclusively as platonic and begin to consider them as potential lovers only if there are problems in relations with their soul mates.

The findings of scientists echo the plot of the film, shot in 1989, “When Harry Met Sally.” The main character of the picture Harry (Billy Crystal) tells the heroine Meg Ryan (Meg Ryan) Sally that men and women cannot be friends, because, in the end, the basic instincts take up above everything else.

Scientists have published the results of their research in the Daily Mail. Psychologists note the “possible negative consequences” of long-term relationships. Changes in social structures in the field of labor, higher education and leisure significantly influenced relations between the sexes. Relations between a man and a woman have undergone significant changes as a result of the impact on society of various factors. Gender relations have reached unprecedented levels. But deeper animal instincts, developed over many hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, make these relationships more complex than they seem at first glance.

One of the polls involved about two hundred young people, both women and men. The participants in the experiment were not in love affairs with each other, but were exclusively in friendly or friendly relations. All subjects were asked to evaluate how much their attraction to each other. As a result, it turned out that men, regardless of whether they are single or in a relationship, are more often sexually attracted to their friends of the opposite sex. They are not averse to flirt and even go out with them. The man mistakenly assumed that the woman is also interested in him and sees a sexual object in him, even without realizing it. Although on her part there was only friendly sympathy.

Studies have shown that both single and relationship-bound women experience the same level of sympathy for their male friends. And friends begin to attract them only if things are not going smoothly with their love partner. It is then that a woman can show sympathy for her friends of the opposite sex. They are also of little interest to unfree men. Preference is given to bachelors.

One of the magazines describing social and personal relationships between the sexes speaks of the benefits that can be derived from the friendship between a man and a woman. I always want to listen to an objective opinion on a particular issue. And who else but a friend of the opposite sex can give practical advice? Psychologists say that the more friends a person has, the higher his self-esteem. And if these friends are mainly of the opposite sex, this can only positively affect the development of his personality.

There are supporters of the theory that friends can also be useful from the point of view of not only psychology, but also physics. We are talking about the so-called “friendly” couples who periodically have sex with each other. In this case, I want to give one piece of advice: just do not fall in love with one of the partners. Otherwise, a story from a friendship can turn into a love story with unrequited feelings of one of the parties.

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