Scars on the face attract women

Researchers called men who have neat scars on their faces more attractive to women.

According to recent research, such men seem more attractive to women who are looking for a short relationship, The Guardіan newspaper reports. Many see in this label a sign of masculinity and courage of nature. Psychologists at the universities of Liverpool and Stirling decided to test this stereotype and interviewed 115 women, as well as 64 men.

The participants in the experiment were asked to evaluate the attractiveness of eight strangers from their photographs: half of the respondents showed real photographs, the other half – pictures of these same people with scars edited on a computer.

If the answers of men were almost identical, then women with scars on average were more popular by 5.7%. In addition, respondents were asked about the causes of the scars in each photo: brawl, accident or illness. Not surprisingly, women were often attributed to random scars as a result of accidents, and to men – their violent origin. The scars that increase the attractiveness of women are precisely those associated with violence.

Researchers are not yet clear on the exact causes of this phenomenon. There is a hypothesis that the scars of a male are a biological signal for the female, indicating the possibility of successful mating. Scars signal that such an individual is not afraid of risk and has a sufficient degree of aggressiveness – which in turn is an indirect sign of an increased level of androgens (male sex hormones) in the body.

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