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Long kisses, reverent messages, pleasant surprises to each other — there are many ways to add a twist to the relationship.

1.Go to where you spent your most romantic vacation.

Play the most pleasant moments and memories. Common emotions, new impressions — all this brings together very much. If you have not had such a joint trip, urgently plan a romantic vacation and count the days before departure. There are so many places in the world that will help feelings flare up with renewed vigor!

2. Do not hide your experiences

This is bad for relationships and for health. Any misunderstandings, grievances and problems are best resolved immediately. The key to a successful relationship is to be open and honest with each other, explain what specifically does not suit you, and find a way out of problem situations together. Men do not always understand what is required of them — they need your hint.

3. Do not be lazy to be beautiful, even at home

Remember how you dress when you are going to meet friends. And now, how were you dressed last night at home. Do you understand what we are talking about? Forget about old sweatpants and a stretched T-shirt. Your man should always watch you with an admiring glance, so do not complicate his task.

4. Make today’s special

And go on a date. Imagine you are meeting for the first time today. Choose a place where it will be pleasant and easy for you to tell each other about your most secret desires.

5. Play with his imagination A woman can remain a mystery. You should always have something hidden in order to surprise and delight your beloved. Play in the eye, hint, but do not lay out all the cards in front of him. Such love games will perfectly warm the relationship. Absolute unpredictability — endless sexuality.

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