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Love at first sight is a certain kind of narcissism, according to Dr. Ben Jones from the Research Laboratory of Physiognomy of Aberdeen University. At a meeting, any of us evaluates how interested one or another person is looking at him, and if we see that we are attractive to the opponent, then this person automatically becomes attractive to us. Dr. Jones believes that if at the first meeting you liked a person, then he will find you attractive. This is based on the social signal “I’m interested in you” — an open look and a smile.

Oksana Derain, a psychotherapist at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology, also explained that a person needs 90 seconds to make a choice of a partner, this time is used to compare the image of a stranger with the image of an ideal partner that has developed under the influence of cultural and social experience.

460 men took part in the experiment with the assessment of attractiveness from photography. In the photographs, the man was looking at the lens or to the side. According to the results of the experiment, psychologists came to the conclusion that looking “face to face” with a smile makes a potential partner 8 times more attractive.

Additional studies were conducted that showed that a keen eye is an integral part of competition. In the next experiment, 60 girls and boys took part; they had to evaluate the attractiveness of a man with a neutral facial expression in the photo.

At the next stage, the face of a woman interestedly looking at a man appeared in the photo. According to the results, it was determined that the attractiveness of men increased by 15% for girls, but for guys with the appearance of a female face, the image in the photo became much less attractive. According to the experiment, psychologists concluded that “popular” men are more interesting for women, but men see potential rivals in them.

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