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10 rules for communicating with a girl by Igor 6 August, 2012 in the category Relations

Everyone knows that there are certain rules of communication, decency and so on, which by no means should be violated, but there are also certain rules, observing which, you can appear before any girl in the best light.

1. Always be positive She studies or works or all together. In any case, she definitely gets tired, and after a hard day your negative will not give her joy.

But if the meeting with you will be associated with fountains of positive emotions — she will have an incentive to meet with you as a moral drug.

2. A man must be a man A man should not complain about his life, about the dean, boss or friends. Dump your problems and failures to fools or friends over a beer. And it’s better to forget and throw it out of your head.

A man should show that there are problems, or rather they were, because he easily solved them. Show that you are not a talker, and words are followed by deeds. And it’s very important — with all this, you are not afraid of responsibility.

«The tree is valued by its fruit.»

3. Do not run after a woman When a woman has 10 fans and 9 of them creep and run after her, it quickly bothers. And if among the gray crowd of devoted faceless figures there is a person who stands out already by holding himself proudly. It is with such women that they fall in love.

The significance level of a woman for you should be the following: “I have it and it’s good, no, I’ll find another.” There should be no dependence, otherwise the woman will lose interest in you, or, even worse, will begin to manipulate.

Even if a woman is accustomed to dominate at work and at home by nature, this suggests that she is all the more lacking in a man with whom she can finally feel like a little girl in strong male hands.

4. Confidence Chat with several girls at the same time. Firstly, it adds to your experience with the opposite sex. Secondly, women feel competition very well, even if there is no reason for this. The woman will turn on the mood for rivalry and this will give you an advantage, because now it’s more interesting to get you than the rest.

The self-confidence and pressure applied in a metered way make a strong impression on women. The main thing is to show all this not only in words, but also in practice!

5. Surprise Give unusual gifts. I’m not talking about terrible goods from the “red cube”, I’m talking about what she did not see in life.

In addition to gifts, you can surprise with something unusual. Learn a simple trick with cards or a coin. You can learn how to make a flower from a sheet of paper and make it sitting in a restaurant in front of her eyes. This works great for two reasons — it’s nice, and most importantly — she saw such attention only in romantic films.

By the way, do you know when the last time someone gave her flowers? There is a high probability that this was a long time ago.

6. Give compliments Be careful. When she has a new hairstyle, make-up or clothes — meet this with an easy compliment. She will definitely appreciate it. After all, she does all this just to be noticed. If you do not notice it, then someone else will notice it.

But, never compliment for show, a real woman will easily feel it. A compliment should come from the heart. This is easy to do, because you can always find something that you really, really like and choose to compliment.

7. Know how to listen and hear There is no need to think about what to talk with women, they by nature love to do this, so just listening is enough. Support the conversation with additional questions so that she reveals the topic and talks more.

The more you listen, the more interesting interlocutor you will seem. This is the paradox of human communication.

Among other things, during communication, a woman begins to trust you more and reveals her inner feelings. And it can be revealed only with a grateful and attentive listener.

8. Communicate actively Meeting with you should be like a holiday for a girl. A holiday is rare, it is eagerly awaited, it passes quickly and is remembered for a long time.

Do not drag out your date until both get bored. The same thing with talking and walking. Finish communication at the moment when you have already enjoyed the best emotional moment and it seems to you that further will be the same. Do it carefully and tactfully. Let her look forward to continuing.

9. Be interesting Develop diversified, read books, magazines, see Discovery. In general, this is the first thing you need to do for yourself. The broader your horizons, the more erudite and, accordingly, more interesting for your interlocutor.

10. A clear goal At the beginning of communication you need to determine for yourself what you want — to be friends, to build relationships or just sex.

Of course, it’s not a problem to be friends, and then it will be visible. But remember — long communication turns you into a girlfriend “in pants” or into a brother, which is then more difficult to break.

So, if you want a relationship, immediately turn on the romance and go to the relationship.


Naturally, these tips should be taken in view of your communication style and take from them what is suitable for you.

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