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Do you often think about where to go on a first date? This article will help you make the right choice.

NUMBER 9 — OUTDOOR RECREATION On your first date, you want to show the girl who you really are. Take her where you want to go and do what you usually do in such cases. If you like various hiking and outdoor activities, then you can, for example, go down in the kayak on the river or climb the mountain.

If this happens in the winter, then you can wander through the forest in snowshoes or go skiing. You just need to make sure that your planned vacation is not too active (unless you are really sure that the girl shares your views and can withstand the pace you proposed).

It should be noted that, in principle, some women do not like such an active pastime. Then, perhaps, this is not the girl who suits you.

NUMBER 8 — Flea Market The first date is also an opportunity for you to get to know the girl you just met. What does she like? What does she find interesting? Flea markets are full of interesting and unusual things that you can watch and discuss together. This gives you a great chance to get to know each other.

And do not believe those who say that for a first date you need a lot of money. On the contrary, many girls are embarrassed when a man tries to show her the depth of his wallet. An inexpensive date, like going to a flea market, where the girl will pay all the attention to you, and not to your wallet, is perfect.

NUMBER 7 — ROLLER According to 97% of all romantic comedies, ice skating is a classic first date. The main thing here is to find out whether the girl is able to skate, and most importantly, you should be able to do it yourself (at least so as not to put yourself in an uncomfortable position).

A good alternative is roller skating if you can find the right roller.

NUMBER 6 — SPORTS COMPETITIONS Paradoxically, sporting events are a great place for a first date. You have a lot of time to chat with each other, and the game you are watching will give you a short break. The main thing is to pay more attention to your girlfriend, and not to the scoreboard.

NUMBER 5 — BREAKFAST Sometimes, eating on a first date is a bad idea. After all, you can not restrain yourself and speak with your mouth full, but garlic sauce does not help your first kiss.

However, we will go further and recommend breakfast as a first date. This is not quite an ordinary turn compared to a traditional dinner, however, it is suitable if you met a girl with whom you have a date in a night club the night before. Take her to your favorite eatery and feed her French toasts and a great omelet.

NUMBER 4 — ENTERTAINMENT PARK The place of the first date you need to choose one where both of you will be pleased to be in each other’s company. An amusement park in this case will do just fine. A date, not enough zest?

Does she want to try some new attraction? Does she like a roller coaster or can she share her most secret desires on the ferris wheel?

The place where you take the girl on a first date can tell a lot about you. Take her to where she has already been many times and she will begin to think that you are the same as everyone else. If you go to an unusual place, for example, to an amusement park, it means that it will be interesting and unusual with you.

NUMBER 3 — REST PARK The best place for a first date, which does not depend on what your girlfriend likes, because 99% of girls like holiday parks. After all, a properly planned day in the park can be interesting for any person.

Collect a basket of different foods and do not forget about dessert. Buy a kite and assemble it together. Teach her to throw Frisbee. Schedule several different events and you can say with confidence that she will be interested in a first date.

ROOM 2 — ZOO Most people (especially single people) have not been in zoos for many years, so with a certain degree of certainty we can say that this will be a surprise for her. You will have many topics to talk about. And which of you did not have fun in the monkey?

Another positive feature is that zoos are usually visited by families. If you go with a girl to a bar and start to buy her liquor one by one, and she will definitely be on your guard. Take her to where there are a lot of children and koalas, and she will feel relaxed, and will not strain about or without it. And it will be fun for her, it will be interesting to you.

NUMBER 1 — BOWLING Bowling meets all the criteria of a first date: it is interesting, unusual and everyone can do it. Even if one of you or both of you play terribly, who cares? You want to show her how fun and interesting it is in your company, and you need to know if she can also behave towards you.

Is she able to lose and have fun even if all of her balls are in the groove, or is she worried about what people around her think?

And where do you usually take a girl on a first date? Girls, where should the first date of your dreams take place?

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