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Where to go on a first date? First date … Excitement, butterflies in the stomach, lightheadedness, and a rapid heartbeat. But in addition to physiological signs, we are characterized by emotional manifestations.

Women and men experience and prepare for their first date in completely different ways …

Men and women: the difference in training Women, as a rule, spend a lot of time in front of a mirror. They carefully think through their image, to the smallest detail: underwear, clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, hairstyle … Women want to be irresistible, make a brilliant first impression, confuse a man.

What do men want? On the contrary, they think less about appearance, but more wonder where to take the girl … How to please her? What place would she like? After all, I want to leave the woman happy, happy and radiant.

In this article, we decided to help men a little in this difficult choice. 😉

Where to invite a girl on a first date? This is a really important question. Indeed, many women fell in love with a man just because the first date was extraordinary, special, memorable. Or vice versa, a date that failed! 🙂 In secret, every woman dreams of adventure and adventure, and routine and monotony quickly tire.

That is why the man is thinking … Where can I go? To the cinema? Too corny … In a cafe? It depends on which … Or maybe choose something extreme? But what if she doesn’t like it? … What else could be an option? Let’s think together.

A restaurant It seems like this is too common, and everyone goes on their first date at a restaurant. But why not diversify? For instance:

No. 1 You can reserve a table in advance for some holiday date: Valentine’s Day, March 8 … And when everything is packed, you will get an ace from the sleeve! How to resist here?

Number 2 Choose an unusual restaurant. Not where you eat salad and pasta, drink wines and listen to classical music. You can opt for a place serving seafood.

Well, what woman does not want to try a real lobster? Who can resist king prawns? Or in front of a dozen fresh champagne oysters?

No. 3 Try a kitchen that you have not tried. Georgian, Japanese, Indian … Wouldn’t it be fun to eat spicy food, and then look for milk in supermarkets to quench your thirst?

A park You may ask: what to do in the park? Answer: depends on the time of year. 🙂

Winter In many cities there are slopes where in winter all the necessary equipment for skiing is provided: skis, suits, snowboards. Especially if there is snow and a corresponding romantic mood, why not?

As you know, physical activity invigorates. And after skiing, you can go to a nice cafe, have a snack, warm yourself with hot tea and discuss the funny moments of this evening! Believe me, she hasn’t had such a date yet!

Spring The first flowers, greens and freshness. After several months of dullness, one wants to dive into nature! It is in the spring that many national parks invite visitors to flower shows. You can arrange your chosen one a photo shoot under magnolias, for example! Most girls love to be in the frame, although they are embarrassed to admit!

Summer Where else to hide in the summer from the stuffiness and dust around? You can choose a park with tall trees, something reminiscent of a forest … One where the hot sun will not shine, where you can finally breathe in to your full chest, enjoy the purity of the air and the environment.

Then you can find a cute clearing and have a picnic there. For example, homemade sandwiches from your favorite ingredients, a bottle of wine, a cozy blanket in the evening. Joint affairs will unite and bring you together, and the outgoing colorful sunset will add a touch of romance and magic!

Autumn Autumn is a great time of the year. So many colors, colors, contrasts! Nature says goodbye to people for several months, why not take this chance? Despite the fact that it is wet in the autumn, you can choose a park with asphalt roads.

There you can slowly walk under an umbrella, a woman can hold a man by the arm to create the mood of the boardwalk. Long coats, light berets, scarves — all this makes a woman even more attractive in the eyes of the chosen one.

After a walk and slightly reddened cheeks, you can go for a cup of coffee, chat, enjoy coziness and warmth.

How to behave on a first date? It is impossible not to mention this moment. Indeed, in addition to the place and the external atmosphere, there are rules of communication, emotions and etiquette, which should not be neglected.

Just during the first date, a man shows his attitude to a woman. The way he looks at her, what compliments he makes, whether he gives a hand … These moments, literally in a second, form the girl’s impression. Which is likely to persist for a long time.

What is not worth doing? 1. Definitely can not be rude. Leave your rudeness at work or anywhere else. Show courage, and give your chosen one a chance to be feminine. 2. Do not chat too much. Silence is part of the conversation, remember. Give yourself and the girl the opportunity to think about the answer to the question. 3. Do not touch the phone. This is completely inappropriate. Your girlfriend will get bored very quickly, and then think that you are not at all interested.

And what can and should be done? 1. Be sure to come on time. If it doesn’t work, be late. If a woman is late, be patient. 2. Take an interest in her. Be involved in her every story! Deepen, not expand, conversations. 3. Do not be gloomy. Everyone is nervous on the first date, but this does not mean that there is no time and place for a joke. 🙂 4. If you feel awkward silence, make a comment about some external detail: the interior, the elements of clothing, the taste of wine.

What you need to remember Of course, it is important where to lead the girl … But not only this (or rather, not at all!) Determines how well your date will go. Only you yourself! Your smile, friendliness, desire to be with another person who is pleasant to you!

Drop patterns, stereotypes and rigor! Enjoy each other! You do not owe anything to anyone. And how the meeting ends, it’s up to you to decide … Do not put pressure on the girl, feel her mood, desire. But don’t be too shy! 😉

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