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Hello, Roman Vinilov is in touch! I already talked a lot about HOW to get to know girls better, and today we’ll talk about WHERE this can be done with maximum chances of success. After all, even the most advanced pick-up techniques are unlikely to help someone who, with the stubbornness of a maniac, is trying to stop the young lady he likes in the crowd at the exit of the subway. No, ideally you need to get acquainted where everyone is relaxed, or at least not in a hurry. The coolest option for dating has already been named Lilya Brik, and everything would be fine if it weren’t for tough face control. In this article, I’m ready to share a selection of the best places to go much easier.

1. Sports clubs and gyms You probably have also heard statements in the spirit of “no, no, I come only to deal with”? Well, yes, and this bright makeup, hairstyle and short topic — solely for the sake of a bar with a treadmill. Of course, some of the girls really appear in the hall not only for photos on Instagram, but it’s also easy to get to know them if you wish. Just don’t act “on the forehead” — help a newcomer deal with shells, tell me a couple of effective exercises, and you can simply admire her stretching.

A little tip: if you do not want competition, it is better to get acquainted in typically female sections — in yoga groups or some kind of dance. Men there are always in short supply, universal attention is provided to you.

Pros: In the gym, you and the girl have a common space, which means a topic for conversation. Close-fitting sports leggings and T-shirts will allow you to immediately assess whether it is worth bothering with an acquaintance. Minuses:

Not all girls adequately perceive advice, so it’s better to choose another reason to start a conversation or carefully look at the “object”.

2. Shopping centers This is one of those places where it is better to get acquainted on weekends — with girls who are relaxed and set for a pleasant vacation. Of course, you should not ask her for a phone at the moment when she drags a heap of colored rags into the fitting room or enthusiastically discusses something with her friend. Go “hunting” in other places — for example, at a food court, in the area of ​​any exhibitions, near a movie theater, etc.

Pros: It is easy to get acquainted in the shopping center without attracting too much attention, and you can collect several phones in a couple of hours. If you want to develop an acquaintance, you can immediately invite her to a cup of coffee (a date without any special expenses). Minuses:

Often girls go to the shopping center in the company of a friend, and this can interfere if you meet alone. However, an experienced pikaper always knows how to play in women’s competition.

3. City holidays, concerts and flash mobs Everything is simple and obvious here: many girls go to such events just to meet someone. It’s easy to calculate them — a pair of smartly dressed girlfriends who came together without a company would be the best option for dating. Agree, it is unlikely they went on a noisy holiday to chat with each other.

Pros: At city events there is always a choice, and you can easily make several attempts. No need to rack your brains, looking for a reason to meet and a topic for conversation. Minuses:

The girl will definitely not be alone, it is better to go with a friend and get to know “two by two”.

4. Cafe in the daytime near offices and universities Why exactly near these places, and even in the afternoon? Because in the evening girls come to the cafe with their boyfriends or with a group of friends, but in the afternoon they can run off for lunch or a cup of coffee alone (maximum with a girlfriend). For dating, this format is much better. Moreover, if you want a serious relationship in the future, and not a one-time sex, you should look for a girl during the day in an inexpensive cafe, and not in a night club.

Pros: Getting acquainted in such a place, you can immediately determine where your partner is studying or working. The chances of meeting a serious young lady, not a loafer or a lazy person, are much higher. Minuses:

You should not come to the same cafe for the purpose of dating more than 2-3 times, the girls there will be the same. The lunch break is too short for a thorough acquaintance. But to take the phone — it is enough!

5. Popular places in the city center If you are in Moscow, this is the Arbat district, Manezhnaya Square, Alexander Garden … But there is one “BUT». In such places there will be many tourists who are in the city for just a few days. This is great if you have a short and vivid romance in your plans, but it doesn’t work at all if you are set for something more serious. An exception would be places where Muscovites themselves spend time, for example, Gorky Park with its summer fountains and winter skating rinks.

Pros: In crowded places, the choice of girls is the largest. You can meet at least every day, no one will notice the catch. On the skate site or at the rink, you and the girls will definitely have common topics for conversation (unless, of course, you know how to ride). Minuses:

Everyone gets to know everyone here, so be prepared for competition, especially if you are aiming at a “star”. The failure rate can be high, because girls in such places expect someone to approach them.

6. Interest Parties & Clubs All kinds of quiz, smart cafes and clubs with board games provide great opportunities for dating. But, as a rule, first you need to sign up for a team and go to several events. In short, it’s hard to count on quick dates. But, if you meet a girl who shares your intellectual hobby, the chances of successful development of relations increase.

Pros: It is usually easy to understand which of the girls present is free and which is already in a relationship. Acquaintance can be developed naturally and naturally — it will happen by itself. Minuses:

The number of girls you can meet is very limited. And to start dating two at the same time is a big risk in this case.

7. Public transport and metro Yes, even though I put the metro at the very end of the list, I would not discount it. Of course, if you are looking for a place where you get to know each other better, this is not an ideal option, and it’s not easy to start a conversation with girls who are in a hurry somewhere. However, nothing else will develop your courage and self-confidence so well as dating on the street and in public transport.

What you need to know: before you approach a girl, it is worth making eye contact with her so that your approach does not come as a surprise to her. And also such “peepings” during a trip to the metro will allow you to immediately assess your chances — if she responds to eye contact, then with a high probability she will respond to the offer of acquaintance.

Pros: A lot of attractive girls go to the subway every day, you have the opportunity to constantly hone your skills. Acquaintance in the subway is always short, which is good for those who still do not feel like a fish in water in women’s society. Minuses:

It is necessary to choose a convenient moment for the approach, so as not to catch the girl by the sleeve somewhere in the crowd at the escalator. There will be many failures — dating on the street always causes girls to be wary, although they flatter their vanity. I specifically did not include in this collection such trivial things as dating in nightclubs, in bars and on the Internet. There are many other materials about this. Here I wanted to tell you that in order to start chatting with girls it is not necessary to go somewhere specifically — in most places that are listed in the article, you visit every week. You just need to look around and take a chance!

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